Confirmation Matching


Treasury Confirmation Matching System

  • Increase control over operational and settlement risk
  • Leverage software license investments and lower internal IT support costs
  • Reduce high maintenance costs associated with legacy systems


allMATCH® is a comprehensive treasury confirmation matching system for banks and corporations that automatically ensures the accuracy of trade details. Analyzing incoming and outgoing confirmations online and in real time, allMATCH supports the reconciliation and investigation of SWIFT and non-SWIFT confirmations across a wide range of financial instruments.

Fully automated and intuitive, allMATCH “learns” matching rules automatically, and lets users modify matching characteristics without requiring software changes as needs evolve. During the trade reconciliation process, the confirmation matching system automatically pairs confirmations and prioritizes them by degree of discrepancy. With its array of exceptions-handling capabilities, allMATCH highlights the differences for easy review, directing users only to those transactions that require attention.

Working with SWIFT, broker, paper and telephone confirmations, allMATCH facilitates trade reconciliation through a state-of-the-art user interface and treasury workflow design. By increasing the accuracy, speed and operational efficiency of the confirmation matching process, allMATCH decreases the possibility of erroneous trades and settlement errors for banks and corporations worldwide.

allMATCH can leverage a single software license across an organization’s multiple branches/offices, whether for centralized or decentralized use, thereby significantly cutting IT, operational and licensing costs.

  • Integrated reconciliation solution – integrates counter-party (SWIFT and non-SWIFT) confirmations, broker confirmations, continuous linked settlement (CLS) status, and investigation and chaser capabilities into one reconciliation solution, saving users from logging in and out of different modules
  • Depth of coverage – supports a full range of financial trading transactions such as foreign exchange, foreign currency options, money market, derivatives and precious metal confirmations
  • Online real-time analysis – analyzes incoming and outgoing confirmations online and in real time
  • Learning mechanism – identifies and learns from error patterns resulting from manual typing of settlement instructions
  • Exceptions handling – provides a range of exceptions-handling capabilities, including prioritization, integrated internal and external investigations and replies, online audit trails, and automatic chasers
  • Comprehensive reporting – offers a long list of standard reporting options including detailed and summarized monthly brokerage reports
  • Online audit trail – records every historic event relating to a transaction including cancellations, amendments, user actions, investigations and replies
  • Seamless integration – works seamlessly with any internal banking and SWIFT messaging system