Innovative Supply Chain Finance System for Banks and Corporations


  • New revenue-generating opportunities
  • Upgraded risk management
  • Improved capital management
  • Better Basel III compliance
  • Strengthened customer loyalty
  • Enhanced investment protection
  • Heightened competitive advantage

Banks and corporations today are redefining their roles in the supply chain finance (SCF) cycle. Banks are looking to provide a new value proposition to corporate customers and their counterparties, while corporations want to better manage liquidity and optimize working capital. To empower banks and corporations to do just that, Surecomp has developed SCF-PRO®, an innovative and efficient supply chain finance solution.

Based on a deep understanding of evolving supply chain finance and open account requirements, Surecomp’s state-of-the-art SCF-PRO solution is extremely flexible and completely independent. This approach not only allows banks and corporations to protect their investments in existing solutions, but also enables them to quickly respond to changing customer demands and market conditions.

SCF-PRO is fully and easily integrated with existing back- and front-office environments encompassing all main SCF players – the supplier, the buyer and the bank. And the scalable SCF-PRO solution enables easy addition of new modules in the future.

By optimizing working capital and costs, improving cash flow management and strengthening trade relationships, Surecomp’s SCF-PRO delivers value to corporations and the banks that serve them.

Value-Added Features
Equipped with accounts payable management and finance capabilities, Surecomp's comprehensive SCF solution is supported by an array of standard features including real-time notifications and integrated workflow. Anchored by a 24/7 multi-entity environment, the modular solution also features easy-to-use multi-currency/multi-lingual capabilities and a sophisticated report engine.

SCF-PRO Core Modules

  • Approved Payables Finance (APF)
  • Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)
  • Distributor Financing
  • Inventory Financing
  • Reverse Factoring


SWIFT’s Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) initiative is a platform-independent SCF tool backed by ICC rules and ISO 20022 standards. BPO is included in SCF-PRO as a key core module.

Scalable Design
Surecomp has developed SCF-PRO utilizing TradeDesign, Surecomp’s state-of-the-art rapid development design tool. The use of TradeDesign allows Surecomp to effortlessly add new modules and adapt SCF-PRO to global, regional or local SCF requirements and trends.

Proven Vendor
The development and implementation of a SCF solution requires the involvement of both banks and their corporate customers. Therefore, SCF solutions vendors must identify the specific needs of all parties, and then tailor each solution to maximize its effectiveness. During the past 25 years, Surecomp has maintained a proven track record meeting the unique requirements of leading banks and corporations worldwide. As the market leader in cutting-edge trade finance products and services, Surecomp is uniquely positioned to develop, offer and support SCF-PRO as a world-class solution.