Value-Added Alliances

Surecomp cooperates with prominent organizations and companies that provide complementary products, services and solutions to the banking and corporate sectors. Working together in the areas of education, marketing and technology, Surecomp and its partners deliver and integrate state-of-the-art global trade solutions.

By establishing alliances with value-added partners, Surecomp remains at the forefront of industry developments. If your organization or company would like to consider partnering with Surecomp, contact us to explore the promising possibilities for fruitful cooperation.

Education Partners

BAFT logo

BAFT is the association for organizations actively engaged in international transaction banking. It serves as the leading forum for bringing the financial community and its suppliers together to collaborate on shaping market practices, influencing regulation and legislation through global advocacy, developing and adapting new and existing instruments that facilitate the settlements of products and service offerings for clients, providing education and training and contributing to the safety and soundness of the global financial system.

Teaming with BAFT 
"We are pleased to partner with BAFT, a key player in international trade. Surecomp is a proud service member of the association, strongly supporting its educational, networking and advocacy activities that promote robust trade in global markets."


The Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA),

The Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA), Inc., is a non-profit trade association founded in 1979. Its membership includes financial institutions from 18 countries across 4 continents, including some of the largest banks from Europe, the US and Latin America. The primary business focus of FIBA members is Latin America, including international correspondent banking – bank-to-bank relationships with counterparts in Latin America – which helps facilitate North-South trade flows, and international wealth management/private banking services for non-residents, including estate and succession planning.

Teaming with FIBA
“Given our expanding role in Latin America, partnering with FIBA was a natural progression for Surecomp. Understanding the valuable role that FIBA plays in our success, Surecomp looks forward to maintaining our support of this pivotal trade association.”



SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative that provides the communications platform, products and services to connect more than 10,000 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 212 countries and territories. SWIFT enables its users to exchange automated, standardised financial information securely and reliably, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating operational inefficiencies. SWIFT also brings the financial community together to work collaboratively to shape market practice, define standards and debate issues of mutual interest.

Teaming with SWIFT
“We are proud of our ongoing support of rigorous SWIFT standards. Our long-running relationship with SWIFT is a key indicator of Surecomp’s ability to develop state-of-the-art trade finance solutions for banks and corporations.”


swiftref logo

SWIFTRef, the global payments reference data utility, is SWIFT’s unique reference data service. SWIFTRef sources data direct from data originators, including central banks, code issuers and banks making it easy for issuers and originators to maintain data regularly and thoroughly. SWIFTRef constantly validates and cross-checks data across the different data sets.

SWIFT is the member-owned co-operative through which the financial world conducts its business and, because of its industry role and relationships, SWIFT is uniquely placed to deliver accurate and comprehensive payments reference data: SWIFT is the ISO registry for BICs and IBAN format

Teaming with SWIFTRef
“Using SWIFTRef gives our clients complete confidence in the accuracy of accessed reference data. The availability of instant 24/7 access and automatic updates saves our clients valuable research time, ensuring that our global trade solutions always reflect the latest information available.”

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Knowledge Partners

ICC Commission

The ICC Commission on Banking is a leading global rule-making body for the banking industry, producing universally accepted rules and guidelines for international banking practice. Meeting twice a year, the ICC Commission on Banking brings together bankers, business leaders, finance experts, lawyers and government officials to promote a common dialogue, make policy recommendations and develop rules to enhance trade finance practices throughout the world.

 Teaming with the ICC Commission on Banking
"Surecomp is delighted that our relationship with the industry's leading knowledge partner is expanding and we look forward to continuing our support of the Commission."


International Trade Council

The International Trade Council is an independent, nonpartisan membership organisation dedicated to being a resource for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic leaders, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the world of domestic and international trade. It is the ITC’s mission to encourage the highest quality research through support investigator-driven frontier research across all fields related to trade and trade finance. International Trade Council members are reputable businesses and individuals, operating in over 76 countries worldwide.

 Teaming with the ITC
"Surecomp is delighted to be strategically aligned with the ITC. Given our prime position in the development and licensing of trade finance and supply chain finance solutions for global, regional, national and community banks and multinational and SME corporates, its only natural that we wish to be associated with the leading public voice of domestic and international trade.”


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Marketing Partners


Brilliance Solutions

Headquartered in Beijing, Brilliance Technology Co., Ltd. is a nationwide supplier of software development, computer system integration, consulting services, and project monitoring management in China. Since its establishment, Brilliance Technology has grown from a computer system integration start-up with only a few employees to a high-tech corporation owning several subsidiary companies. Brilliance Technology leverages its over 800 well-trained and experienced employees to provide state-of-the-art services in multiple areas.

Teaming with Brilliance Technology
"Our alliance with Brilliance Technology – a highly respected IT company in China – is a very important step in our global drive to provide banks and multi-national corporations with a 'total solution' that meets their trade finance needs."

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Hosting Partners



Founded in 1995 by BBP AG, the Swiss-based BBP Service Bureau is today recognized as one of the world’s major interbank service bureaus. As an application service provider (ASP), BBP offers both financial institutions and corporations around the world a series of interbank connections and transaction-related applications, focusing on providing secure and highly available connectivity to a range of financial networks. Meeting strict requirements in terms of stability, availability and security, the service bureau is audited by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) and SWIFT, and has successfully undergone an ISAE-3402 (SAS 70 Type II) audit. BBP is one of only a few service bureaus worldwide to be awarded the prestigious SWIFT-certified Connectivity Best Practice Label.

Teaming with BBP Service Bureau
"Surecomp’s relationship with BBP enables our clients to opt for the increasingly popular ASP model. We are delighted to partner with BBP for the benefit of our clients who require the very best in hosted services."

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Technology Partners


IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 100 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. Drawing on resources from across IBM and key IBM Business Partners, IBM offers a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that enable customers, large and small, to take full advantage of the new era of e-business.

 Teaming with IBM 
"The Surecomp-IBM relationship is all about creating strong business synergies and delivering unrivaled support."


Bolero International is the market leader in the digitization of global trade, providing cloud-based solutions that help organisations optimise working capital, secure trade finance and reduce the costs, risks and inefficiencies of trading internationally. Using a powerful combination of trade finance expertise, technology and legal framework, Bolero helps buyers, sellers, financial institutions and other involved parties to connect and transact seamlessly over a common, secure digital network.

 Teaming with Bolero 
"We are proud of our partnership with Bolero, the trendsetter for the digitization of global trade and paperless trading. There is consent amongst our clients that Bolero’s document-messaging platform is a beloved feature."